#‎LJSays‬ All soaps are 100% natural with no added chemicals, perfumes, or colorants!
Each soap consists of these base ingredients:
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Cocoa Butter
Organic Oatmeal
Organic Coconut Oil
Lavender EO
Jojoba EO
Tea Tree EO
Pure Glycerine Base

‪#‎LJAlsoSays‬ This is part of the ‪#‎FathersDayCollection‬. My daddy hooked this one up with tons of woody essential oils. Not the woody from Toy Story though... Oils like Atlas Cedar, Sandalwood, Basil Sweet, almond, and Cedarwood with hints of Orange Sweet and Lemongrass. Daddy says this soap will make some of my friends a little brother or sister, but all I care about is that it makes BUBBLES!!!!

Men's Almond Cedar Soap

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