#‎LJSays‬ All soaps are 100% natural with no added chemicals, perfumes, or colorants!
Each soap consists of these base ingredients:
Organic Shea Butter
Organic Cocoa Butter
Organic Oatmeal
Organic Coconut Oil
Lavender EO
Jojoba EO
Tea Tree EO
Pure Glycerine Base

#LJAlsoSays Daddy says everyone deserves this soap. It is so moisturizing and yummy!!! Daddy put lots of good stuff in here including real organic coconut milk and organic coconut yogurt. There are also lots of essential oils for healthy skin like almond, lime, lemongrass, aloe, orange sweet, vanilla, and Castor to name a few. It looks so yummy but daddy says I can't eat it!

Almond Coconut Yogurt Soap

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