LJ's Soap Story

How we started


Hi everyone!  I'm LJ!  Thank you all for visiting my daddy's website!  I'm only 3 but I still love all my daddys homemade soaps!  Daddy started out making soaps for me because I have eczema outbreaks.  One day we took a road trip to my God Father Uncle Squirt's house.  On the way there I was in the middle of a breakout and Uncle Squirt's wife Aunt Keeta made a bar of soap for me on the spot.  My daddy didn't really think it was going to work but he trusted her and my breakout cleared up after 1 day!  Daddy was amazed!  He asked for more soap for his own use and more for me but when it ran out he got a little impatient and decided to learn how to make it on his own. 


Once daddy made a few batches suddenly everyone wanted to try it!  Daddy being who he is, learned more and more very fast and came up with an entire line of very moisturizing soaps that are all natural and great for the skin.  Daddy has even made products for specific situations besides eczema such as beard soaps, acne, rosacia, and psoriasis. 


We hope you give our products a try because they are really great and all natural with no artificial ingredients or chemicals.  And don't tell anybody, but i'm working on convincing daddy to make coupons!